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  • dead·lock /ˈdedˌläk/ (n.) a situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made.


// After experiencing the monotonous day-to-day of being an errand runner, the first exciting thing happened in her life since forever plunged Red into going on the run with a reclusive hacker, Wolf. Although, whether if she can trust him or not, is another story entirely.

  • Red, the protagonist, blunt and cynical, she has been under Vitriol's employment for the past years. Has grown bored and unhappy with her life but there's no better option.
  • Wolf, the hacker, eccentric and easygoing, not much is known about him beyond the fact he has been working with Vitriol for a while now, he seems awfully relaxed for a person in his position despite what he said.
  • Rhett, the friend, reserved and protective, the only person Red can trust in this place, he's also the one she owed her life to. Although she doesn't actually know much about him, she knows he can be relied on.
  • Vitriol, the boss, detached and distant, doesn't care about anything except his own agenda. However, he'll help others if it benefit him.


// The game is a bit incomplete. As it is, it's finished but the script is only in the first draft meant for my Digital Narrative class. I intend to go over it again and smooth over details along with adding new contents since it's quite messy right now.

// It'd be much appreciated if you can play and give feedback so I can improve the game :) Thank you for checking this out!


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Oh this was pretty good. I really like the overall design, colour and music choice. It blends really well together.

Also... Mamoru and Bunny?  I'm getting some sailor moon vibes.

Great game. I really liked the story and the art. Also, the characters all seem very interesting, it makes you want to know more about them. 

How do you get the fifth ending? Because even after inputing the name and getting "the lovers" ending, I am still not getting it.

It's a bit late, but for the fifth ending you need to start a new game (not from save), and when prompt to enter the name, type the protagonist's real name that was reveal in the game then follow the path of ending 4.

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I had the same problem. 

Found out I was missing one option: When Red finds Wolf at the apartment, you have to choose to run, then look back. You can get the Lovers ending without doing that, so it was a bit confusing for me when I couldn't get the secret ending.

Anyway, great game. The art style and ambience were honestly amazing. Left me wanting for more.

The game is great! Very well made! I only have a question: how many endings are there? I played the game a few times and I managed to get four. Are there any more?

Thank you so much! There are five endings in total! The last one requires you to play from the beginning after putting in the correct name of the protagonist :D 

Ooohhhh! So that's what it meant. Thank you very much for the tip!

Cant seem to get the fifth ending >.<

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After following the instruction above, you need to follow the path to get The Lovers ending I think O:


Downloaded and played it. The music is solid and the presentation is nifty, with good artwork and a story that gets to the point quickly. The script is a little rough in terms of grammatical and mechanical errors, but it isn't incomprehensible. The foundation for a good little game is here.

Thank you for playing and giving feedback! I will try to be more thorough with the editing and proofreading next time :D

Just found out about this game, and it looks super good just from this page! I'll download it and play it ASAP :D  the art is amazing btw


Thank you so much :D Hope you'll enjoy it!